Bacon Avocado Toast

Today’s post is how to make bacon avocado toast. Even if you already know how to make this, still read this post because I also talk about tricks to make the process easier and faster.  And if you didn’t catch that– the tricks will be in this color. To be honest, I didn’t even like avocado until I made bacon avocado toast. So if you don’t like avocado, you should still try this because you will probably be surprised at how good it tastes.

To make bacon avocado toast you will need:

  • a slice of bread
  • an avocado (I usually use half of a half, so 1/4 of a whole avocado.
  • bacon (I found these bacon circles at Fareway, but you can obviously use normal bacon strips too)

In the picture above, the bacon is already cooked because I didn’t want to put raw bacon on the plate, but it did come raw in the package.

And for materials you will need:

  • toaster
  • pan
  • knife
  • spoon

First you need to put the bacon in a pan. I do this first so that while it is cooking, I can start preparing the other foods. You don’t need oil because the bacon has fat which naturally works as oil.

Next, I set the bread in the toaster (without pushing it down yet) and I cut the avocado. I do this by cubing it so that it will spread on the toast easier, but still have some chunks.

By this point, the bacon is halfway done cooking, so I push the bread down in the toaster. Then I just wait for the bacon to finish cooking. Once it is done cooking, I immediately wrap it in a paper towel so it isn’t too greasy.

Once the toast has popped, I spread the avocado onto the bread. I recommend using the back of a spoon for this because it is perfect to get the avocado out of the avocado peel, and it works great for the actual spreadation. Avocado on the toast is delicious because it gives the perfect smooth, buttery texture. 

Once the avocado is spread evenly along your toast, you just put the bacon on top and you are done!

I really hope you were inspired by this post and decide to make bacon avocado toast. It is seriously so good!! I also hope some of my tricks will help you out. Please comment down below if you do make this, and your thoughts on it. Don’t forget to like, share, and follow my blog:))

Thanks for reading!



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