Ipsy Unbagging || July 2016

Welcome to my July ipsy unbagging! This month was not my favorite, but still good. I mean this was only the second ipsy glam bag I have ever gotten, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I would say I liked last month’s glam bag better.

The July glam bag theme is ‘Hot Summer Nights’. The bag is a really cool silver-changing rainbow background with… candies? umbrellas? beach balls? random shapes? (still not sure what ipsy was trying to portray here). I feel let down at this month’s bag design. The theme was hot summer nights- I feel like there are a gazillion different (cooler) things ipsy could have done. Just to name a few– pineapples, a cool water pattern (click here if you don’t know what I mean), watermelon, sand, beach balls, palm trees, suns, or even just a bright, colorful pattern like a coloring book (click here  or here for examples). Not to mention it is July after all, so the bag could have been patriotic with fireworks or the American flag or something like that. Do you get my drift? Ipsy could have done something so awesome with a summer theme… I feel like they dropped the ball.


So now I will get into what I actually got in this month’s glam bag.

First I pulled out this Model Launcher felt-tip eyeliner in the shade ‘Emerald Isle’. I think the eyeliner itself is okay. The first time I swatched it, it was not pigmented, pretty opaque, and looked more blue than emerald. I realized that you need to shake it a little and use it on your hand first, kind of like a pen when you scribble on paper to get the ink to come up. I didn’t include a picture of the swatch because I took the picture before I learned you need to use it a little for it to work the best. And I couldn’t re swatch because I had already given the eyeliner away. SO… this eyeliner is beautiful and the perfect shimmery true emerald, but I personally don’t wear eyeliner or colored eyeliner. If you do, I think you would absolutely love this eyeliner. On the model launcher website, it retails for  $13.


Next I pulled out this Befine food skin care  Night Cream. This is a night cream that you are actually supposed to use on your face and neck (I’ve been using it on my hands oops). It is a small, 1 oz sample size. In my opinion, it has a weird smell, kinda a chemically-lotiony smell. I have been using it on my hands and it goes on really creamy and absorbs almost instantly, making my hands super soft. As I was writing this, I read the back of the container where it says “Use every night on face and neck after cleansing for improved skin tones” and now I am so excited to try it out on my face. This night cream is $30 for 1.7 fl oz. So with my sample size being 1 fl oz, it would be about $17.65.



I also pulled out a sample of the Too Faced ‘Hangover’ face primer. I have not tried this out yet, but I am so excited to! I have heard great things about this face primer so I can’t wait to try it. It is a pretty little sample, so I’m not sure how many uses I will get out of it. Either way I am still just really looking forward to trying this. The full, 1.35 oz primer is $32, which means this .16 oz sample size costs $3.79.



The last thing I got in the bag is this theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow in the shade ‘Matt Moskowitz’. This is an eye shadow from theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow palette. I was super excited to get this in my glam bag because I have been wanting to try a theBalm eye shadow, I just have never bought any. Matt Moskowitz is a beautiful plummy shade. The eye shadow feels very soft and blends easily on my eye. The ‘Meet Matt(e) Trimony’ eye shadow palette is $42 for 9 shadows.


And last but not least, I received this Sedona Lace EB 13 eye shadow brush. On first look, I thought the bristles of this brush looked cheap because of the pink color. But the bruah ia actually very soft and good quality. I use this brush every day I wear eyeshadow for my crease color. It also works great for blending everything together. On the sedona lace website, this brush retails for $13.95.




That is everything I got in my ipsy glambag this month! I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment down below what you got in your glambag this month!!
If you or a friend don’t have an ipsy subscription but want one, use this link.

Thanks for reading!



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