Theme Park Essentials

In summer, one of my must-do’s is go to a theme park. I feel like every time I go, I always end up forgetting something. I am hoping that with this blog post, you will learn from my mistakes and bring everything you need for your next day at the theme park!


Bring a string backpack. This is the perfect small size to fit your things in and carry around on your back. Of course you can take a different backpack if it is more comfortable for you. Just make sure it isn’t too big because taking a big, heavy backpack on and off for each ride is a real pain (pain as in the effort & time it takes and pain for your back).  So really just bring any smallish backpack.


1. sunscreen

Sunscreen is important especially if you are spending the entire day at the theme park and if it’s a really sunny day. Although I am always game to get a good tan, I know it is important to protect my skin. I love using a sunscreen face stick because it is small and easy to re-apply if I see myself starting to get burnt. I also usually put on spray sunscreen at my house before I leave for the theme park so that I don’t have to carry it around all day. Although sunscreen is annoying, sunburns are super painful and could lead to skin cancer, so it’s best to just use sunscreen.


2. comfy WALKING shoes

At theme parks, you are going to be doing a ton of walking. Even though you want to be cute and wear stylish shoes, it is best to just wear tennis shoes or birkenstocks or chacos. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day… and when you are old and gray.


3. water

Even though it may be “illegal” at some theme parks, I think you should still bring a water bottle. Water at theme parks is so expensive. Like really?? You need water to live and theme parks charge an arm and a leg for it… So I would bring a disposable water bottle. And make sure it’s disposable that you can throw it away when you are done with it (not to mention a disposable one is less suspicious because it looks like you actually bought it at the theme park when it was really free from your home). It is very important to stay hydrated when you are outside in the hot sun all day. Also there is not always easy access to drinking fountains/water bottle venders at theme parks, so just play it safe and bring your own water.


4. money

Even though you are bringing your own water, you should still bring money because you have to eat. I feel like sneaking in food to the theme park is a little too suspicious. Plan on bringing enough money for lunch or a snack or both, probably $10+. If you want to spend your money on things other than insanely over priced foods, just leave the theme park. There are usually people by the exits who will stamp your hand so you can leave then get back in without paying again. Usually I will pack a lunch, then keep it in a cooler or lunch bag in the car. That way I can still eat an affordable lunch, and be able to go back to the theme park.



1. towel

A towel is super great to have if you go on water rides. I bring just a hand towel so it is easier to fit in my backpack. If the seat of your water ride is wet, just whip out your towel and dry off the seat so that it doesn’t look like you peed your pants when you stand up. If you actually get wet, it is so so nice to have a towel to dry off your face, hair, clothes and body before changing into clothes

2. extra pair of clothes

A change of clothes is so nice to have because then you can be dry. I mean, it’s super fun to get soaked on the water rides, but it sucks to be dripping and soggy and cold the rest of your day at the theme park. In a ziploc bag just put in an extra shirt, shorts, and undergarments. This way after you get soaked, you can dry off with your hand towel, put on your dry clothes, and change out of your sloppy wet flip flops…

3. flip flops

Flip flops are the perfect thing to bring if you plan to go on water rides. Especially if you bring the cheap plasticy-rubbery ones, it doesn’t matter if they get wet or if you somehow lose them. So before you go on the wet rides, change out of your WALKING shoes and into your flip flops. Then we you are done, just put the wet flip flops in the same ziploc you put your wet clothes in.



So I hope this little list type thing will help you pack for your next day at a theme park! I have learned what to pack from my experiences over the past few years, so I’m an expert (I’m joking). Anyway if you found this post helpful, like it and share it with friends. Also if you have other theme park day essentials that I didn’t mention, comment them down below.

Thanks for reading!



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