Ipsy Unbagging // August 2016

The theme for August’s bag is ‘Sugar Highness’. For this month, there were actually two possible bags you could get. The bag I got is really pretty and reminds me of a mermaid. I also really love the shape of this month’s bag, how it is wider at the top than the bottom and how the top curves. Also the purple and aqua colors are so pretty and look great together.


The first item I grabbed out of the glam bag was this Dermelect ME nail polish in the shade ‘unscripted’.  I’ve never heard of the brand Dermelect. And the shade name isn’t on the actual bottle of nail polish, it’s on the box, which I thought was kinda weird. This nail polish has peptide in it, which is supposed to make it go on smoother and last longer.  It’s a super pretty purple and I am so excited to try it! Retails for $14.


And the next thing I grabbed was this it cosmetics ‘no-tug waterproof gel eyeliner’. I am really excited to try this eye liner out because I think it will work great for my water line. In the picture below, there are 3 different swatches. The very bottom, shortest line, is one streak of the eyeliner. The middle line is 2 streaks, and the uppermost line is 3. As you can see, to get the darkest line, you need 2-3 streaks. This eye liner retails for $22 for .5 grams. My sample size is .35 grams, which would equal $15.4. And sorry about the really bad quality of this pic…



I also grabbed this black blending sponge. The brand is Beau Gachis which I have never heard of before. I am so excited I got it because I really need a new sponge. And because the black color is really cool. The sponge feels nice and good quality when I squish it with my fingers. I don’t have an actual beauty blender brand sponge, so I can’t compare this sponge to that. But compared to my other sponges, this one works average! This black sponge retails 2 for $28 on the beaugachis website, so $14 for one.



And the next thing I grabbed was this Organic Surge ‘perfecting face polish’. When I read ‘perfecting face polish’ I immediately expected a clear liquid, kinda like a toner. I did not think I was going to like this product, but I still had hope. This face polish is actually a creme-tan color with little chunks and thick. Well not thick but thicker than a liquid, if that makes sense. I noticed my skin looked better the very first time I used it. I also noticed my skin, especially cheeks, feel super soft. It also smells really good, like lemon with a bit of rosemary! Compared to the $9.29 75ml container, my 30ml sample size is $3.72.


The last item I grabbed out of my glam bag was this Josie Maran whipped mud mask in the scent vanilla apricot. First of all whipped mud mask sounds like the most satisfying thing you could possibly put on your face. I mean fluffy mud… come on, it’s great. Second, the flavor/scent or whatever is vanilla apricot…talk about best smell ever. I am just really really really excited to use this mask if you couldn’t tell. And I will update on twitter and this post when I do use the mask! The 1.7 fl oz regular size is $48, which means my .24fl oz sample size is $6.78.






Okay that is the end of my August ipsy unbagging! I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to comment down below what you got this month! Also if you don’t have an ipsy subscription but want one, use this link (copy & paste: https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=opensubs&refer=ygleh if that link didn’t work…) to get points which you can later redeem for free makeup!!! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like the post and share it with friends:))))))



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