My Tips on Eating Healthier

Eating healthy is hard. Especially when you know right where the chocolate is sitting in the cupboard or the cookies on the counter. I always feel so good when I eat healthy, but it’s really hard to do. These are my tips on eating healthier.

1. Buy an apple slicer corer thing

Ever since I bought an apple slicer corer, I have eaten way more apples. This kitchen tool cuts and cores your apple at the same time, all you have to do is press it down into the apple. It is so easy and makes me want to eat apples because I feel so cool with my high-tech kitchen gadget (it’s not actually high-tech, just plastic and metal). I know it will be so fast to cut the apple, and that somehow makes me eat apples all the time. I got mine from TJMaxx, but you can look on amazon or I’m sure they are in any Walmart or Target.

2. Get a really good ranch dressing.

I like to say I can eat anything with ranch. Maybe that’s not true for anything, but it’s certainly true for vegetables. I honestly only eat carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower if there’s ranch to go with it. Even though ranch can be unhealthy, it’s better to eat veggies with ranch than not eating vegetables at all. And in case you are wondering, I really like Marzetti’s ranch. Also ranch from Taco Time (is there a way to buy Taco Time ranch dip? Because it is seriously soooo good).

3. white to whole wheat

In my case, I have been eating whole wheat bread my whole life so this post doesn’t apply to me. But I know for a lot of my friends and extended family, they only eat white bread. Whole wheat bread is so much healthier and has so many benefits, where white bread doesn’t really have any. A really simple way to start eating healthier is to start buying whole wheat bread products. This is not a huge change and something that you can start the next time you go grocery shopping.

4. chia seeds

If you haven’t heard of chia seeds yet, I have no idea where you have been the past year. Chia seeds are tiny seeds that are extremely high in fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are so good and beneficial to you. And the great thing is that chia seeds don’t have a taste so you can put them in anything- cereal, yogurt, bagels, smoothies, toast, and so much more. My favorite is chia seeds sprinkled on top of avocado toast. One thing I really want to try is putting chia seeds in cookies. Chia seeds are great to experiment with… and great to eat.

5. research fruits and veggies

If you really want to start eating healthier, research healthy foods for inspiration. You may find things like carrots being good for your eyes or popcorn with no or little butter/salt is a superfood. By researching, you will learn about benefits of different foods and how they help your body, which will inspire you to eat them. An example going back to the carrots- maybe you want to do everything you can to have great eyesight, you learned that carrots help your eyes, so boom- you add carrots to your diet.

That is the end of my healthy eating post. I really hope this helped you to find ways on how to eat healthier. Comment down below which of these 5 tips you find most helpful. As always, please like this post, share it with a friend, and follow my blog if you are not already.

Thank you so much for reading!



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