Burritadilla is a recipe I originally saw on Pinterest, but altered to my liking. And for the record I named it myself. It is seriously so good and I crave it all the time. First the name. This burritadilla is a hybrid of BURRIto, TAco, and quesaDILLLA…see what I did there? This is an awesome meal because it is kinda complex, but can be customized so easily. Since I’m about ready to start fall posts, I decided to post this recipe as one last summer hoorah:)))

Ingredients. Silly me forgot to take a picture, sorry! And of course any of these ingredients can be substituted / taken out for any of your food needs. I do use meat in this, but if you are vegetarian or vegan, obviously you can take that out and substitute something else in.

  • big torillas
  • refried beans
  • queso sauce
  • some sort of meat (optional)
  • tostados (these are crunchy, round corn things, kinda like a big tortilla chip or cruchy corn tortilla)
  • sour cream
  • lettuce
  • cheese
  • lime, taco sauce, salsa, guacamole, etc for more flavor

1. Put a circle of refried beans on the tortilla, about the size of the tostado. Not sure why the picture of this is so small…sorry about that!

fullsizerender 8

2. Put a thinish layer of queso on top of the bean.

3. Layer meat on top of the queso. In this case I am using chicken, but it is also delicious with beef.

4. Next, you put the tostado on top of everything.

5. Now is time for the toppings. First I spread sour cream on the tostado, then layered lettuce and cheese on top. Not gonna lie, doing just sour cream, lettuce, and cheese is pretty plain. The next time I made burritadillas I put on salsa, taco sauce, and lime juice as well and it was AMAZING, so I recommend you experiment!

This step is optional depending what kind of tortillas you buy. Mine were too small, so when I folded it up it wouldn’t completely cover the innards- which wouldn’t work for it to bake. So I just ripped off a small circle size piece and put that on the center. But if you get bigger tortillas, this won’t be a problem.

6. and next you just put water along the outside of the tortilla so it would stick better when you fold it up.

7. Then you fold it up. It’s hard to explain how you fold it in words, but I hope you will understand how from the picture below.

8. Lastly, cook it in a skillet with oil then eat!! (Helpful Hint: I would make one burritadilla then cook it right away, then make the next and cook it right away, etc. If you wait to cook them, the tostado gets kinda soggy which defeats the purpose of the tostado since it is in there to add a crunch.)

And here is the final product!

If you end up making a burritadilla, comment down below if you liked it and what extra toppings/sauces you added in! And of course like and share this post with your friends:)))

Thank you so much for reading!!



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