Ipsy Unbagging || September 2016

Yes, it’s October… but better late than never, right?


This month’s Ipsy theme is Glamazon. I think this theme is cool and I absolutely love the bag. The bag this month had such a cool texture and material, with gold and white metallic silhouettes on it. This month’s is my favorite bag I’ve gotten so far. So below is a picture I really love that shows the texture of the bag…



So the first item I grabbed from my glambag was this Crown Brush angled contour brush. Let me say- this brush is amazing. It is so soft, blends so easily, and picks up so much product. So I tend to use this angled brush for both blush and bronzer because I love it so much. I used the e.l.f. angled blush brush and I would have to dip it in my blush a lot to get enough pigmentation. So then I use this Crown Brush and I dipped it in my blush like normal, and it went WAY to much on my cheeks. So that just proves this brush is amazing. 10/10 recommend. And it’s cheap too, only $7.99 on the Crown Brush website.



I also got this TrèStique mini highlight stick in ‘Maldives Luminescent’. I was super excited to get this because I’ve been wanting to try a not-powder highlighter for a while now. The swatch on my arm is stunning, but this highlight doesn’t show up the best on my face. I mean if I layer it a lot, you can see it really well, but if it’s just one-coat, it doesn’t show up very well. For this reason, I tend to use this highlight stick as a base for my powder highlight. The full size of this product is $34 on the tréStique website. On ebay, I found the mini stick ranging from $4.50-$8.



Next thing I grabbed from my glam bag was this Waxing Kara Sweet Lips Organic Honey Lip Balm. Personally, I think this smells disgusting because I hate the smell of bee wax and just ew. Despite the smell, I did use this lip balm, and it does work so that’s a plus. Also it’s made in America which is really good too! This lip balm is $10 on the Waxing Kara website.



Another item I got in my glam bag this month was this Whish renewing mud mask. The directions say to “begin by leaving on for 15 seconds and slowly work up to 2 minutes.” So when I read that the first time, I thought it meant to check your face after 15 seconds and if it looks irritated remove the mask, but now I’m pretty sure it actually means to do 15 seconds the first time you use the mask, then longer the second time, working up to 2 minutes. So the first time I had this mask on for the whole 2 minutes (probably longer actually) and I didn’t notice anything wrong with my skin, and I tend to have sensitive skin. So anyway, this mask made my skin feel amazingly soft and really clean & refreshed! My .5 oz sample size would be $11 compared to the $44 2 oz full size.



And the last item I got from my September glam bag was a sample of the tarte tarteist mascara. I love mascara and tarte so I was so happy when I pulled this out of the bag. First of all, the packaging is amazing. The mascara itself is not my favorite. I feel like you have to use a really light hand when putting it on your eyelashes, because otherwise it gets clumpy. But it provides so much length it’s kinda crazy. The reason this isn’t my favorite mascara is because I don’t think it’s dark enough. With one coat, I don’t really notice it’s on. The full .23 oz size is $23, which would make my .1 fl oz sample size $10.



$43.49-46.99 (depending on how much the TrèStique mini highlight stick costs)


Thanks for reading my September Ipsy unbagging and sorry it was so late! Comment down below the best thing you got in your glam bag this month! And if you don’t have an ipsy subscription, comment below what looks most exciting to you from my bag and get an ipsy subscription using this link.

Thanks for reading!


(p.s. do you like the new back drop for my pictures and the new style of cover image?)


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