Dollar Tree Spotlight: Candles

Hey everyone! Today I have a very different post. Today’s is going to be an ‘in the spotlight’ for Dollar Tree. If you don’t know, Dollar Tree is a store where everything is $1. Seriously. Every single item in the store is $1. Although occasionally you’ll see a few items 2 for $1, but that’s even cheaper so I’m not complaining. Here’s the website to Dollar Tree if you’re interested. But back to this post… I stopped into Dollar Tree to look for fluffy socks, a wire basket, mason jars, and a quick glance at the beauty section. I also went through the candle aisle because there’s always a ton of candles but I’ve never actually smelled them. I smelled close to every single candle. And I found 2 winners:


They are both Air fresh brand. The red colored candle is in the scent Apple Cinnamon. It smells amazing. It didn’t come with a lid, but I think the open glass jar is really cute. I put this candle in my living room and have lit it every night since I got it. It makes the whole house smell like perfect, warm apple cinnamon. It’s NOT over powering though, so don’t worry about that.


The orange candle below is in the scent Pumpkin Spice. I haven’t actually lit it yet but I’m sure it’s going to smell great. I love this scent because it’s not that gross fake candle smell.



Okay so this was a really short post but I just wanted to share these Dollar Tree finds. Next time you’re at Dollar Tree I highly recommend you go check these candles out, because they’re really high quality for $1. Comment below if you end up buying these or if you know of any other good candles at Dollar Tree. Also comment if you wanna see more posts like this one. Oh yeah and like/share this post please:)))

Thanks for reading!



P.S.- this kinda defeats the purpose of this “yay dollar tree candles’ post, BUT, At Bath & Body Works the 3-wick candles are $10 off FOR A LIMITED TIME so I’m gonna go there later today and pick up some candles, and you probably should too:)


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